-SINCE 1968-

My Story

I spent my childhood and early adulthood living Northern Minnesota. For activities I’m a gearhead in the sense of the inner workings of everything. If something broke and there where few options to replace an item, I took it apart to see how it worked. Most of the time I was able to reassemble a repaired do-hicky thing-a-ma-jig, but if I wasn’t able to repair something I would take it apart as far as I could. Leave no screw unturned.


Lincoln Logs & erectors sets

Some children simply don’t take to this type of toy/puzzle, but I loved them.

Electric Golf Carts

While more expensive than an erector set, electric golf carts are a toy, and can can be a puzzle if if you move the parts around enough. This was a project that started with good ideas and super intentions, but ended tragically. If you have the time, someday I might tell you all about it. 

Engineering feats and mechanical marvels

30 years performing maintenance on all sorts of different aircraft. I’ve worked burner gas turbines, and avionics 747-400 plus so much more. No general aviation experiance, I was all corporate, commercial, and contract, 19 seats and larger. Industry requirement to be master of 24 different crafts. I’m still a master but no longer on aircraft.

Where you live matters

Do you live somewhere your needs get attended to? Family, medical, and spiritual.

Do you live to work

Take time for yourself. We often have latent needs given backseat to our jobs, family, and community

are you fulfilled

Many of us have lives we revolve around our careers. The day we stop working we are afraid our lives are over.