No there there? The left can not get their story straight!

This is a great point by Jeff Carlson at epic times.

The Main point “how can Trump obstruct an investigation he was not aware of?” How is Trump going obstruct an investigation he was not aware of was going on?

You may be asking what I am talking about. You have to realize the Dems and their Media goon friends are now moving from collusion to obstruction in the Trump investigations. Lets bring up Jim Baker of the FBI. He is one of the head attorneys at the top of the FBI, and was right-hand man to Jim Comey. He is intimately familiar with this small group of people attacking the Trump team through the spy gate scandal.  This is Baker’s testimony under oath to Congressman John Radcliffe. In testimony to congress Baker admitted, “Trump was never told he may be the subject of a criminal investigation”.

Congressman Ratcliffe asks “so do you know if at any point in time that Jim Comey as FBI director, ever tell President Trump that President Trump was under criminal investigation?”  

Baker – “I think—my understanding and belief is that he was never told—that he told the President the opposite.”  

Trump was not in their investigation! How can Trump obstruct an investigation he wasn’t even told existed?

Joe Sixpack is guilty of obstructing the investigation of the bank robbery he did, we are told. Does Joe Sixpack know he was under investigation for bank robbery, no?  Joe Sixpack had no idea he was under investigation so how could he obstruct an investigation?  Sure you can say Joe Sixpack robbed a bank and knows he is under investigation for something he did and he will cover all tracks he can to keep from going to jail but without any evidence there can be no investigation. Where is the evidence? 2 years and zero evidence! Did Joe Sixpack really rob a bank or are we just talking about it, pretending it happened?

Yeah this is the brilliant point Jeff Carlson made in his editorial investigation.

Here are the two or three huge takeaways from last weeks testimonies and investigations.

One takeaway would be Andy McCabe still has not proved that there was any evidence to open the case outside the dossier, no predicate, he still has not said anything about predicate crimes.

Matter of fact he (McCabe) made it worse Feb 20, 2019 by indicating in an interview that all of the information we know they used to target the Trump team had already been made public, there is no new information they can see investigating. In other words, we know everything according to McCabe, they started the investigation in the FBI with all this and there is nothing more.  

McCabe was one of the lead guys in charge of all of it and there’s nothing.  He’s now admitting there is no more information and they have nothing.

One of the other takeaways would be what McCabe told Rubio under oath two days after Comey was fired. He said that there was quote “no effort (by Trump) to obstruct his investigation”  of the FBI investigation of President Trump. That’s takeaway number two devastating.

But, this has got to be take away number three – Jim Baker upper-echelon lawyer in the FBI under oath tells congressman Radcliffe that “Trump was told he wasn’t even under investigation”, so how could Trump obstruct an investigation he was told didn’t even exist?  

To be fair to the liberal lunatics, because I want to prepare you for point and counter point the liberal lunatics will say. They will say he was going to obstruct investigations into other people? No, no, no, no this is so important.  The President himself, according to Jim Comey “The president went on to say that if there were some ‘satellite’ associates of his who did something wrong, it would be good to find that out, but that he hadn’t done anything wrong and hoped I would find a way to get it out that we weren’t investigating him,”.

How is that evidence of obstruction on an investigation with other people?  It seems a little bit weird how he’s being investigated for obstructing an investigation to himself because he was told he wasn’t under investigation. Oh well, he was clearly trying to obstruct investigations into his other people RIGHT!  That’s not what Jim Comey said! Comey said Trump actually asked him to find out if there was any misdeeds or malfeasance with his quote “satellites”!

My gosh are you liberals this stupid! Do you have any evidence of anything ever? I mean outside of “I think therefore I am”. Do you know one word Descartes tried to distill how he could prove he existed, “I think therefore I must be”, you’re not even thinking therefore you must not be?

Descartes got this all wrong. Well I think, therefore I don’t know. You think, therefore you are not thinking.

You’ve got nothing.

You’ve got no collusion. 

You’ve got no predicate

You’ve got no obstruction against Trump case.

You’ve got no obstruction on Trump against other people.

You’ve got nothing.

You’re just making this whole thing up.

Takeaway number three. The liberals will tell you in a counterpoint by May of 2017, while all of this is happening there must be some other evidence out there that maybe Andy McCabe is unaware of. Remember McCabe’s already said in an interview this week no no “everything’s already out there”. So the Liberals will say, because they’re frauds and they’re fakes and they’re phonies and they love to lie and make stuff up, they’ll say Andy McCabe wasn’t the investigator in the case, Peter Strzok from the FBI was the investigator. Clearly he (Strzok) knew something. But did he, because here’s a quote from Jeff Carlson’s epic Times piece text from Peter Strzok the lead investigator in May of 2017 to his girlfriend FBI lawyer Lisa Paige, “you and I both know the odds are nothing, if I thought it was likely I’d be there no question. I hesitate in part because of my gut sense and concern there’s no big there-there”.

This is the lead investigator in the case telling his girlfriend, another FBI employee, via text while talking about this collusion probe that the odds are quote “nothing, there’s no there-there” but this again this won’t stop liberals, no no they’ll say, maybe he’s just trying to impress his girlfriend and she’s got the goods.

Okay here’s Lisa Page, with the goods, page who was asked about asked about this text during her July 2018 testimony said “I think this represents that even as far as May of 2017 we still couldn’t answer the question”. In other words the girlfriend Lisa Page the FBI lawyer to Strzok the lead investigator is acknowledging that, we just didn’t know anything.

Oh my gosh this case, this stupid never ends. It just goes on and on and on, it’s like a seven layer cake of stupid. A seven layer cake has layers of cake and fudge and/or other fillings. This whole democrat pile-on is like a seven layer cake of stupid. It’s like dumb piled up on top of stupid piled on top of moronic, topped with piles of lies on it. This so dumb I’m getting dumber thinking about it. Care for a piece of cake? No I’m dumb enough already, thank you. I have reached peak stupid I’m good, my stupid tank is full. It’s like guy in the gas station that gets issue when the automatic shutoff kicks in and he’s still trying to get gas and the gas starts coming back up onto the ground, but this stupid is coming out with the left and they are starting a gasoline fire of stupid, it’s unbelievable.

Also credit Dan Bongino for the discussion

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