What is freedom? I have hinted at asking the question outright these last few days on social media. What is freedom?

As most everyone who knows me understands I am a libertarian, but I sense few understand my view of what this entails for me. What I imagine it entails for you.

Again, what is freedom? Some would say freedom is the ability to do whatever one desires whenever they want. They will say they should have freedom to do what ever they want and it’s the “MAN” who is oppressing them. The “system” needs to come down and remove the restrictions that have been placed upon their necks.

I would call those who say those things as incorrect. I would even go as far as to say they know nothing of freedom and their knowledge of freedom comes only from the Constitution document our country was founded on, and also from the propaganda of WAR. War books, movies, internet, radio, and more. I would go even further to say those who believe the definition of freedom is being able to do whatever they want, whenever they desire to do it, as “Slaves”. I would call them slaves to the system they know nothing about. Slaves to self interests possibly.


What is freedom? I ask again.

Freedom is the ability to control yourself and be self governing. Freedom is to be sovereign. Sovereignty has a definition as “Complete independence and self-government.” NOT doing something is ACTUALLY expressing TRUE FREEDOM. YOU and I CHOOSE to do, or not to do. Being all gung ho about cannabis, alright – I don’t care. Are you only thinking about the now, the want, the need? Where does that desire come from? It is controlling you. You are a slave to it. It is your master. If that is all you think about. But whatever – do what you want. However, freedom for my neighbor, freedom for the sick, freedom for the homeless, freedom for those being educated is my desire. It’s evolution, and when we gather together towards those goals, walk that way together, no one is going to care if your smoking dope, or are lbgtq-ouse, or whatever. Why, because the NEEDS for freedom will be in the act of being fulfilled and your selfishness will not be overriding those needs of others. Your freedom of control will self fulfill the needs of others, which will in turn give you more freedom to do whatever your heart desires.

The ministry of smoke and mirrors will show you flashy objects. They will show you fancy clothes. The media can capture you and fill you with sacrifice for yourself and others. What is COOL? What is the NEW thing? Why do people want those things?

Are these things they want to do, due to media and social pressure influence? Is it the FAD? Clothes, tats, hair and the like.  Are these folks really expressing freedom of ruling themselves as sovereign bodies and minds? Or are they slaves to the blowing winds of social programming?

If you desire certain things . . . FINE. I am fine with it as long as you are not going to make me, willingly or unwillingly do something I would not come up with on my own, without outside influence. However if you want to do something, I don’t care. Where this line of reasoning come to conclusion is with the way people carry the thought freedom is being able to do whatever they want, when ever they want.

For me? I find greater commonality with a group of rabble rouses who decided to cast off the chains which bound them and declared a new era of FREEDOM. They cast off a tyrannical king and fought for the right to make their own system.  A new system, a new thought where we ruled ourselves in a different way. 

Self rule = Freedom. I will argue I am more free than some, less free than others. I decide, but if someone else is making all my little decisions = my ruler. 

Turn of the MSM!

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