This is very much a work in progress. I come into more knowledge and information which will cause me to correct and/or adjust my position/perspective/understanding on the issues or topics. Seeing that I am putting this information forward for everyone to view, I place this information above a simple passing conversation or quick response to another persons view of events. I do hold myself accountable to facts. Whatever truths people want to make out of them would also require I carry some burden, though I believe that is much less. What ever the case, I I am correcting this writ of understanding as I see fit.
I will figure some means to show revisions. I might start foot noting changes but I should probably get some permissions before laying that down. I must stress this information is my best summary of all that I know about what happened and what is being done now. This is only my opinion. I want to be factual and clear enough so if someone has any questions they can ask them so they get a clear answer. I do not want to cause any confusion. There are some people in the area who have a much greater understanding of the previous board and historical repairs or events within the district. Though those items are relevant in part to what we are facing currently, that knowledge is not everything which is needed to get through this crisis. Whether the crisis is real or if there is a perception of a crisis can be debated by some, and it should be healthily debated.
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I have been to 3 public volunteer committee meetings the BW&SD has held. There will be one more before we will consider our task complete.
I would like to share some information I have determined necessary to float around before our fact finding sessions are complete. I do not want to come across (yet) as being swayed to believe certain options, or appear trying to sway anyone who is reading this. We are still fact finding. However there are some facts which I did not have for the first vote, back in November.
There is some major information which was either not shared to people or the current was strong due to opposing forces which didn’t like the vote we had (for whatever reasoning) and their bad information drowned out the facts.
For what it is worth. If we were to have another vote tomorrow, I still do not know how I would vote.
What I thought was true: Plan A would make our water bill $100.

False: Plan A would have increased our bill by $15ish dollars. Plan C was $7-8. Nor is there any plan to put a water tower in the center of town. I have no idea where that came from. More light has come to me concerning the plans we voted on, my original numbers may have been based on specific physical item cost replacements. Base rate bill total (water and sewer) for plan A would be more like.
Also: I was fearful of this BOND because the old BWSD dissolved, new people come in and less than a year later we were told we had to spend millions. It seemed unethical, corrupt, and polarized locals. I don’t think like that anymore. I just think we have a group of people who are trying to service the water and sewer district and where few of them are water and sewer district people. They are doing what they can do with the regulations and agency allowances they are given. The system would work much better if it was privatized locally, and I don’t mean some multi national corp privatized BS. Just saying they all are not people who are educated in, schooled in water and sewer but only have their individual past experience. How things are done in another city is not how we do it here, they are finding out.

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They didn’t get the information out to us as well as they should have for the last bond election. They did try to get the information out. What is the best way to get the info out? We are still trying to figure that out.
Bonding stuff: Goes like this and it is horse-hockey. Send out Requests for Qualifications. State law, they have to. You don’t ask for bids, which is what I was expecting. It doesn’t work that way. State requires we find people who have the qualifications to do what is needed first. Then the group we receive back from, we can then work on getting estimates. This all takes time, one on one stuff, answering and asking questions so the board HAS to make a decision on one. They picked JUB, who has done stuff around the area previously. Would they be my choice? I don’t know. I am not against them and at this time I’m past holding any grievances on that selection. It’s not worth riding that horse any longer. JUB can do the job and I don’t find info on the net they are crooks.
Another thing about the bonding and loaning of money, which I didn’t understand. We have to ask for more money than we need. We just do. We don’t want to have to try and get a second loan to cover some pop-up expenses or over-runs (heaven forbid). It’s kind of like taking out a partial loan for a new car and to cover where your savings stops, instead of the whole amount for the car. Then the fridge goes out and your out of savings and you already have a big car payment. That’s going to suck having two payments.
More on the loan. The loan is given by IDEQ (Idaho Department of Environmental Quality). Henceforth called DEQ. They are the ones who will administer the loan plus they are the ones who pay the contractors to perform the work. BWSD never gets a check for the bond amount, it is all handled by DEQ. If I were to be watching waste and efficiency of work, it would be DEQ payments to the contractors. BWSD is out of that game. JUB will be engineering what work is done and recommend (my guess) who does the work but Bayview will never be sending payments for work done. We also do not start paying on the bond until all the work is complete.
We are still fact finding information about the water transmission lines, info about the tower, and more info about the meters. Once we have completed the next meeting we will know how we are going to meet the public to answer your questions. I do believe the board wants what will make everyone happy and some of that might be compromise and some might be education, them or us.
We have spent a lot of time speaking our minds and telling the board why we think the public did not vote to pass the bond. What I want from you are your ideas, how to get you the information you need to make your decision. The time for bitching all day is over. I truly believe the majority of residents in Bayview agree some repairs are in order and we need to make the repairs if we are out of options. So what repairs are best? ALL, SOME, NONE? The board IS going to make a decision, we can either help them (one way or another) or not.

Reminder there is talk about sewer repairs/upgrades

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What say you?

I am technical by nature and come at this with an analytical mindset of understanding for the work, equipment, processes of cause and repair. I have been an aircraft mechanic for almost 3 decades. I have the understanding of water and sewer systems, they are very simple to me. Admitting what I am not great at is rationalizing the emotion I should or should not have concerning this specific public work. Mainly because the public voted no to the bond proposal, which was large, and the loudest people vocalizing how bad it was? Do those who are loud speak with a consensus, whether knowingly or unknowingly? Or, are those who are loud a minority and carry little other support than the air in their lungs? I will not dismiss an account simply because it is loud and annoying.
I also have ran for State Senate because I believe if we all have the information available, everyone will come to a decision we all are content with. That seems to be a missing quality in today’s narcissistic selfish game of politics. A rising tide raises all ship.
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2 thoughts on “BAYVIEW WATER and SEWER DISTRICT bond info”

  1. Hi Shon, Thank for the update on the meetings. I have one small correction. You stated “Option A would increase our bill by $15ish”. The exact increase was $19.93. The increase is actually 83%– divide 19.93 by 24.00– ($24. X .83 = $19.93).
    When you add the base rate for the sewer, $26, our total bill before any over
    usage charges would be $69.93 monthly.
    What will more then likely follow next will be repairs and upgrades to the sewer system and with that will come more increases. My opinion.
    Also, repeating Option A on a new ballot would be a mistake. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Thanks again for offering an opportunity to chime in.

    1. Thanks Sheryl for the comment. I have been hearing that same information from others too. I have done some responsible editing of my written account. Please feel free any time to correct me or fill me in with anything you deem important.


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