Saddling future generations with debt!

Here is a copy of one of Bayview’s Residents Norma Jean Knowles comment on a Bayview page and it concerns the vote on a 5 million dollar bond to fix our Water and Sewer system. I am voting NO on this bond when I vote on November 6th. This community is little over 200-300 people and a 5 million dollar bond does not make sense

I know that the politics can get somewhat boring and irritating, this just happens to be the fastest way of getting information out to all of you so I am including this letter I received a minutes ago. We have to be able to make informed decisions, so we all need other perspectives. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding: I have been involved, from the very beginning, with the BWSD water facilities plan. The proposed Bond placed on the ballot has such far-reaching consequence on our little village, I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you based on my involvement and the path to the option the board ultimately put on the ballot.

) No consideration was given to choosing an option that was fiscally responsible and recognized that a large portion of our users are living at or below the poverty level.
) The attitude of this board that they know what is best for the residents of Bayview and they are going to determine what is right for us has been fundamental to the whole process. They want a mega million 75-100 year project that is so far beyond what our little group of users need or can afford. They gave no serious consideration to other affordable options to fix the systems deficiencies at an affordable fee structure. I was there!
) There are other options that will address the major deficiencies of our system a a cost we can afford. The board was intent on paving the way for development instead of addressing the existing needs of our system. 
)Their attitude that the burden of the cost for future development lies soley on the shoulders of our small group of existing users, instead of growth paying for itself, not only goes against the convention adopted by most non-profit community systems, it is fiscally irresponsible to saddle EACH USER with over $7,000. of fees to subsidize growth. Growth should pay for itself!
) This board is still engaged in spending beyond it’s budget for operations costs which is indicative of fee increases to come above the amount to repay the bond which is an 83% increase to the base rate before any increase for operations.
The board has stated their intention to do a sewer system study next which will, most likely, result in more increases.
) This is all about what our vision for Bayview is. I fall into the camp that does not want a 4 story resort on the waterfront downtown. This Bond, if approved, promotes the vision, not only for the resort, but the build-out of the whole hillside north of Capehorn Road with our small group of users picking up the tab.

Thanks for listening, please feel free to share this information with anyone you choose to.

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