Candidate forum with Legislative Candidates from Kootenai County.

Here is my candidate forum Oct 23rd. I am in the first group of candidates, and second one to speak. We each were given 1 minute for an opening statement then the press gave us 3 questions, we took turns answering. We had 90 seconds to answer each question and after all that we were given 90 seconds for closing statements.

Mike Patrick who is the chief editor of the CDA press was the moderator and did a superb job. Judd Wilson and Brian Walker are the two CDA Press Reporters who did a great job asking questions. This was sponsored by CDA TV whom I am thankful to for inviting me. Nice production. Okay, that stuff said;

I had a blast. I think I answered the questions well, however there are some topics I wish I could have backed off a little and not been so strong. Likewise I could have carried a few thoughts further. Oh well, it was my first official press forum and I had fun.

The Democratic on my right, Mr. Broadsword, did get to have the last say. He was the final person with a closing statement and he got me. He got me good which caused the whole room to erupt with laughter. It was good natured how he said it and I have heard that type of thing before. When he finished his teary eyed heart felt 90 seconds and sat back, I looked at him and said “that was beautiful”. He looked at me with with the deer in the headlights, speechless. I suppose he didn’t know if I was being sarcastic for his slam on me. LOL, I am having the last laugh.

Steve Vick started to give me the vib I scared him, as he actually has competition. The audience didn’t exactly know how to take me, I am so serious but a nice guy with heart. What is this non-republican, non-democrat dude! This doesn’t fit my preconceptions!

I finished my closing statements asking the voters to check out W. Scott Howard for House Rep, and to write in Marc Eberlein for county commissioner.

YouTube Video by CDA TV below

This mornings article by the CDA Press below


Credit CDA Press and CDA TV

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