Oppression versus Coercion

Many Libertarians and Republicans see the world as coercion verses liberty. We are afraid of big government and power because we don’t want to be coerced into doing things we don’t want to do.

We don’t want to be coerced into giving more money to big government and having to work harder for them rather than us. We don’t want to be coerced to make medical decisions we don’t want to make because we have to ask the government for permission first. We don’t want to be coerced into sending our kids to schools that stink because the government said so.

We see it as a liberty issue. We want to pick our own schools. We want to pick our own doctors. We want to spend our own money.  We make a trade off though. We do understand there are some issues of large overwhelming majority collective agreement, that there are some instances where we will forfeit over our money and our ability to make economic decisions. Some are things in the constitution, for example we understand there is a need for some collective defense mechanism to defend our country (call it military). We can argue about the constitution roads and things like that, but besides that even the most ardent libertarians and conservatives can agree there are some areas of fundamental agreement. Courts to adjudicate contract agreements and things like that.

Liberals see the world differently. They see the world as the oppressor verses the oppressed. In other words, there is always going to be some victim group out there of oppressed people, LGBTQ, minority, Asian, Islamic, woman, union. Everything is someone verses someone else and it always someone involved in the use of power versus someone using that power to oppress someone else.

When you see the world in those two distinct ways it is very hard for those two worlds to mesh, but let’s make the case that this is what is leading to this excessive partisan divide right now, but more so the liberals who divide and demonize us, not so much the libertarian and conservatives effort to demonize the liberals. Many of the libertarians and conservatives I know understand the oppressor versus the oppressed narrative, that the liberals live by is very real, very real. Government throughout time oppressed people, whether it’s through Jim Crow, whether it’s through slavery, whether it’s through the internment of the Japanese through WWII, but what the liberals fail to understand is the oppressor is usually the very same government we are fighting against. I don’t mean fighting against literally but fighting against in the excess of power and the taking of liberty.

We get their point of view, we get it. There are oppressed people. There is a battle and there always has been a battle for people to break though, against the oppressive forces against them.

But what the liberals fail to understand about us. Is that the coercer is the government the overwhelming majority of the time! Yes there are some powerful corporations which have made bad decisions over time. We get that. But the overwhelming majority of time a monopolistic use of force has been by an oppressor and that oppressor has been the government. It infuriates libertarians and conservatives that liberals don’t get this.

Talk about this battle of the oppressor versus oppressed while they simultaneously forces people into making decisions which they don’t want to make.

Hey, buy health care or we are going to penalize you. WHAT! I thought this was about the oppressor versus the oppressed? Yet they are telling us to do something we don’t want to do. How do we know that? Because if we wanted it, we would have bought the dang health care already.

So I get penalized only when I don’t want healthcare. So when there was a tax penalty, can I assume it is only going to hit those who don’t want to do it?

Yup, that’s oppression! What is it?

You don’t want to make a decision and the government is forcing you now to make. If you want the healthcare then that fine/fee doesn’t apply to you. It only applies to you because you don’t want to do it. This is what infuriates us with the liberals.

We get your point of view. There are oppressed people. I just don’t get why you don’t get us?

When you only see the world as an oppressor versus and oppressed people and you fail to see the coercion verses the liberty argument on our side, and it all makes perfect sense to you. It is because you are blind to reason.

Reason – the use of facts and logic to come to a decision.

Have you considered for a second that what Donald Trump has done since coming into office has actually limited government power to oppress people?  The ability for you to push oppression on others?

Try using reason just a little. If the world to you is the oppressor verses the oppressed ask yourself this, what has Trump done since being in power to take his power and to increase it over you?

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