Russian Collusion is a LIE, and here is proof!

We are being played and if you can’t see it, you are hopeless.

The #nevertrump, #impeachtrump, #resistance movement is all a play. The media has made a business model with the anti-trump movement, as has been done with QAnon, 4chan/8chan, infowars, drudge been made a business model for the patriots.

We have seen the seeds of division increase exponentially since Hillary lost. It wasn’t 10 minutes into Trump becoming president and tear gas was filling streets with protestors rioting over his policies. Never mind he hadn’t enacted or performed a single policy yet.

We are being played.

There is no right or left. There is not liberal or conservative. There are only Americans, and the powers that be want us subservient.

Mr. Trump is a racist they say.  Mr. Trump is senile they say.  Mr. Trump is in bed with the Russians and possibly working for them, they say. Mr. Trump needs impeached for all these reasons, they say.

Who is they? Well, they are the same exact people who just reauthorized the legislation to strip away all of your 4th amendment rights. Dictatorial powers over all the alphabet agencies. They willfully did that. He can warrant-less wiretap, read all your email, turn on your devices microphones and cameras, all those privacies are flushed. Thanks to the people who want him gone.

Adam Schiff has been one of the biggest opponents of Trump. He is a never-Trumper and he is the House ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. He blessed the bill for Trump to sign, though he says Trump is insane and should be impeached. *HUH!!!

The same day this news was to come out, about Trump given this legislation to sign, an anonymous source says he called other countries “Sh*tholes”.

What has the news been feeding you? I’ll tell you. . . nothing but sh*t and if you haven’t been watching it happen, you are gobbling it up.

There you go. Proof it is all a big fat LIE. Turn off the MSM, understand history. And for Christ sake, “Open your eyes”.

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