Quick solution to Bee population problem

I don’t know if any of you have heard about the dwindling Bee population, but someone brought it up on a friends FB page which led me to some thoughts.

Please follow along and comment if you think I am way off base or hitting on something. These thoughts don’t really apply in a way I would respond to the friends friend’s comments, so I am putting this out there just on my mind.

Here goes. I will try to keep this short and not get preachy but I make no promises.

It is a fact our species has learned cloning. We all agree on that right? And in-so-far as cloning, most are aware we have advanced the technology far enough for actual gene manipulation. Before you roll your eyes too much, just know I’m not going all wacky on this thought. I’m not going into glow-in-the-dark-monkeys and all that. Let’s just agree we have technology for gene manipulation. How much and how far? That can be debated.

So, if we have gene/DNA/RNA capabilities in the lab. Wouldn’t it make sense we would have mapped the genes of the bee? Here is where I am exploring my thought and asking.

Currently, wouldn’t we have the technology to prevent any and all species we are aware of on this planet from going instinct? I understand we may not have the technology or knowledge to cure whatever disease could be causing the huge drop in bee population, but it seems reasonable we should expect to find the cure and then we could bring the population back. Does that make sense?

Back to what is being said about the bees. The articles all seems to paint this catastrophe of crop yields plummeting. Here come a few more questions. I understand locals and researchers waving a flag for attention but why also has the UN and the large multi-national corporations also been feeding this hysteria. Don’t we give them the credit and status, which they have, to solve this? Why would they be broadcasting fear and paranoia? Shouldn’t the big guys be telling us what they are doing to fix this issue?

Now my solution which I believe is easily within our realm of doable possibilities. I want to know what you think of this idea.

Drones. Yes, drones. It has been known for some time the military or law enforcement has been using drones. Recently there have been articles about little tiny drones the size of mosquitoes that can follow, video, and listen.mosquito-drone-750x422

Those ones are the size of mosquitoes, Make them the size of bees and program them for specific crops. They could fly around and pollinate, seems really simple to me. I admit I’m an electrical geek with a rudimentary knowledge of programming, GPS, hardware, etc from my work in aviation and personal computers. Heck, I have fixed many electronic devices, giving them a return to life. I mentioned that about me not to boast but to just say I believe that which I speak of wouldn’t be hard at all. I wouldn’t know why that technology hasn’t already been done???

Plus…. Besides the expense, it wouldn’t take that long to go past prototype into actual world use.

So I ask, why the fear of mass starvation? Is this really what we should expect from those who we allow to have power and authority? Do they want us in fear? Do they want us to starve?

Am I onto something? Am I off base? Tell me what you think.


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