Is Trump Doomed if elected?

I like that question from Michael

“Is trump doomed if elected?”

YES! Yes he’s doomed. He’s doomed, but if he’s for real and really wants to empower humanity. they will destroy him, but what he does…. Will be victorious.

So, so it’s it’s it’s a play on words. It’s a twisted riddle that he individually in the world will be pulled down. But in the real eyes of God, in the eyes of reality, in the eyes of the great long term, he will be victorious.

So do you wanna be victorious in this world? With this system indorsing it? Or do you wanna be victorious for the long haul?

Do you wanna medical chip.. to be able to get a prescription? Cause that’s what their announcing. They don’t announce it to the public, their announcing it to all the medical people right now. Right now! For next year! Your chip. It’s here.

It’s here.

Just let em inject you with some nano tech in a few years and your going to be able to live a lot longer. The difference is though, we want less stress, we wan’t people to be happy, and you know this new nano tech has a way of calming ya down.

You’re gonna feel a lot better though. Just sign on the dotted line, that you accept that were going to alter your brain, irrevocably, and were going to make everything alright.

Here, take my hand. Go ahead and take it. Nevermind the fruits of what we do, all the death and destruction, evil and deception.  Just, just go ahead and take it.

Don’t you wanna believe you won the lottery? Don’t you wanna believe your in the “in club”? Don’t you wanna believe you’ve arrived and are now being accepted and believe you can finally be somebody?

We taught you were a nobody because you were everybody. And now it’s okay. We told you were a nobody. Now take our hand and you will be a somebody. Just take our hand.

You take their hand and you are nobody.

You are everything. Think about it. You’re made in the image? And the evidence bears it out, of the God? That made this planet? And that God warned you in every ancient text, and in the bible, with precision of what would happen, and the enemy who had fallen to this planet would try to destroy you? And now you see every word of it being manifest?

And you don’t think it’s real?

A bunch of ignorant establishment creatures spend all their time trying to obscure,

to occult,

to hide, what is flamingly obvious in front of your face.


It’s ours!!!

But we have free will. And we can listen to those lessor angels.

Who promise to make us god, and to give us the knowledge of good, and evil.

We have the knowledge of good. We have knowledge. We were taught the knowledge of evil, that twisted dark logic, political systems of deception and disease, and lies.

Physical, DNA degeneration, we took the program and boy imagine in those bodies, with those minds, what that knowledge was like then.

Now it’s a cage. Now it’s a ball and chain. Now, we know, it’s a prison.

But then, didn’t it look sexy, because black is always pretty

to the purist heart.

Walk outside tonight if it’s a clear sky. Look up to the heavens.

The proof of Gods work is in the firmament. Look at it all laid out. From every angle you look at, in geometric order, not the mind ordering it, but it’s order. In dimension, some cases thousands of light-years, hundreds of thousands of light-years apart, all there for you to see.

All built, and all the mathmaticians, and the the big cyclotron converters are picking up energy, energy outside of energy. Holding it all together.

And then.

You have those telling you serve them, give up your free will to them and they will make you a god. When all they have ever done is try to poison you, dumn you down, and make you pathetic.

I don’t follow the god that came up with sitcoms and Kardasians and NFL.

I follow the God who came up with all of this!

  • Alex Jones
  • Friday Show 4-1-16. In hour 3 of 4. Around 2:45ish

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