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Shon's dot com, be master, commander, lover, and saint.

- Delegating is a skill -

- Clean fingernails are a luxury -

Man creates as well as destroys. We can burn bridges and we can build bridges. As a community we need rely and lean on each other. Our individualities combined, create strength unparalleled to do good or evil. What say you?

I’m a grower, giving of myself for the common purpose to raise up those around me.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. I say we be the change as example for those around us. Lead

SINCE 1968

Starting fresh daily SINCE 1968

Let’s move forward together

-SINCE 1968-

Our Story

I grew up questioning everything. There is nothing off limits which is too sacred to question current narratives and purpose. The day I stop questioning things around me will be the day I have quit and given in to all that is around me. Much as science once questioned everything, it is up to you and I to hold those in power accountable. Perfection will not ever be accomplished and understanding our goal as progress toward perfection as the ideal worth seeking.