Rain has come!

Super happy when I woke up today and saw we got rain sometime during the night/morning. We didn’t get a lot of rain. The ground is wet but no puddles. The mountains and hills are still smoking so we can use the gift of rain. Our forecast calls for more rain, on and off, today and tomorrow. Unfortunately the front bring us rain also is expected to possibly have lightening as well. We don’t want the zaps, just the wets.

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Billy Corgan

Of the Smashing Pumpkins had a good interview on the Alex Jones show today. Here is a video clip of him in France.

Testing to see if this works with me posting it this way.

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another test

Trying this without it auto posting to Facebook

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Breaking the Law

I’ve gotta dedicate this song to Barack Obama, both houses of Congress, and the Supreme Court.

Breaking the law

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/RATEoDH9WiY” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Being Human

As human beings we attempt to decide friendly answers to the questions that frighten us the most. We develope all the supporting evidence that is minimally required to get the outcomes we like best.

Basically we are willing to lie to ourselves. We are willing to embrace whatever story we like best, at the expense of the truth.

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Testing again

Testing a picture on my phone, through my website, to FB.


Granted, it is already from FB but I need to test.

This all seems kind of redundant but if I post through my published website first; I gain a small advantage of ownership to words, pictures,  and ideas.

I know the FB eula claims rights to use any and all content on its server. I can’t have any claims if everything is served directly to them through their access.

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Quick picture administration option.


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From phone


Test test

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Trying to merge FB

Merge attempt 1.

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Testing quickpress from my phone

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